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AgriSol Energy Tanzania Limited

About Us
AgriSol Energy Tanzania Limited is a Tanzanian company that is a joint venture between AgriSol Energy LLC and Serengeti Advisers Limited, a leading Tanzanian investment and consulting firm led by Bertram Eyakuze. The principals of AgriSol Energy Tanzania are investors with a long-term commitment to sustainable and socially responsible agricultural development, consistent with the planned activities in Tanzania.

AgriSol Energy Tanzania Limited’s project is designed to expand agricultural production, aid in the transfer of agricultural knowledge and technology to existing small farmers, and create new markets and prosperity in Tanzania. Our objective is to create a large-scale agriculture zone dedicated to producing staple crops and livestock that will help stabilize local food supplies, create jobs and economic opportunity for local populations, spur investment in local infrastructure improvements and develop new, transparent markets for agricultural products.

We will bring state-of-the-art farming practices, modern seeds and other inputs, and top-quality farming equipment to Tanzania. Increased agricultural production can produce both food and income. Our crops, primarily maize and soybeans, will feed the people of Tanzania, be stored to provide greater food security, be used to produce value-added products like animal feed, cooking oil and protein-rich meats (initially poultry and beef in the future), and eventually be exported to neighboring markets in East Africa.

A New Model
We are developing a new private/public/academic partnership model that combines large-scale, commercial farming with local outreach and outgrower programs for small landholders, providing them with efficient and transparent markets for agricultural products, and increased access to modern inputs, micro-financing, crop storage, value-added processing and distribution. We are working with leading agricultural academic institutions in Tanzania, the US and globally to advise on the outreach aspects of our project.

Profits generated from our farms will also provide long-term support for cooperative organizations and community investment trusts. Such funds will help construct medical clinics, schools, water sourcing and treatment systems, power generation and other infrastructure that will improve the quality of life for local populations.

When and Where
AgriSol is currently planning to develop two tracts of land in Kigoma, in western Tanzania, of approximately 10,500 hectares at Lugufu, and an additional 3,250 hectares, near Lugufu, north of Basanza village. We anticipate starting development of these tracts in 2012.